About Me

This portfolio features incredible kids doing their thing/s, and some of the most creatively designed and decorated homes I've photographed for Meyler & Company Locations, with whom I worked for more than five years in LA & Atlanta. For me, it's always magical to be welcomed into someone's personal space to document them and the nest they've built for themselves.

I've also shot for LATimes.com, Newsweek, Metromix, Sprite, Regan Books, Cleis Press, Yahoo, Chicago's CITY 2000 archive, various Chicago and LA theater companies, myriad private events, children for Ford Models Kids' Division and private clients, corporate headshots, and personal documentary projects.

I grew up on Long Island (New York) and in Miami (Florida). In 2015, my hilarious husband & I bought a home on Atlanta's east side in the friendly, diverse, quirky & charming Kirkwood neighborhood. I geek out about hand-drawn illustrations, mid-century modern ceramics, various HBO series, homemade superfood smoothies, quiet walks in the woods, and my weekly ukulele class at the fabulous Frank Hamilton School in Decatur.


Instagram | Pinterest | sh@stephaniehoward.com | 323.481.5225

Selfie with booties in modern house.

Selfie with booties in modern house.